THe story behind the brand...

Sunset Mood Italian Swim and Resort Wear Positano new collection 2023


From the beaches of Brazil to the coasts of Italy, Sunset Mood evokes the inner beauty of every woman. We envision a world where people value quality over quantity in fashion.

When purchasing, they choose longevity and heirloom quality
craftsmanship every time. We value personal relationships,
which go into the creation of each garment. Our hearts and
souls are woven into our designs.

Clariana Matheoli Designer Creative Director Sunset Mood Italian Swimwear and Italian Resort Wear


Nothing is more personal than the clothes that you wear. Sunset Mood believes that the creation of our garments embodies that person-to-person connection from conception to design.

Clothing is emotional, and creativity comes from the heart. Our interactions with our textile suppliers, notions, and sewers run deep. We source relentlessly to encourage a local presence.

high quality swimwear high quality resort wear fabrics made in Italy


Our passion for a distinctive trademark of superior quality in our garments is at our core. Nothing ignites our passion more than distinct patterns and silhouettes defined by fabulous fabrics that unite in one voice.

We’re inspired by sculptural and architectural elements while mesmerized by nature.

Italian Swimwear Luxury Resort Wear made in Italy Sunset Mood Swim and Resortwear


Timeless appeal, heirloom quality. When we envision our current designs in 20 – 30 – 50 years, we see our garments passed down generationally or sold in specialty boutiques for new generations to wear and enjoy.

The attention to detail of thread count in our textiles, the hand of the fabric, or the clasp on a buckle sparks our imagination to create more, create better and redefine what timeless fashion means.

We strive to be the fashion house that commands attention because of our mission to upend the disposable consumer culture globally. You can be environmentally aware and have luxury at the same time. We’re here to make a positive impact with luxury clothing. Join us.

Timeless Beach Chic.

Clariana Matheoli Designer Creative Director Sunset Mood Swim and Resort Wear Luxury Italian swimwear
I love to create quality garments and designs that last, and are in a certain way, timeless fashion.

Clariana Matheoli

Founder & Creative Director